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Sparkley's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 33 (From 9 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 285 Points

Elf Story

Medals Earned: 12/44 (130/500 points)

Arrow Death 5 Points

You got impaled by a Gobblo's arrow!

Baseball Bat 5 Points

You found the baseball bat!

Fanboy 5 Points

You found the fanboy hoodie! It's from your favorite game of all time!

Got Battle Dagger 5 Points

The kitchen knife that you found has turned into the battle dagger! Shweet!

Got Wooden Sword 5 Points

The bat that you found has turned into a wooden sword!

Halfsies 5 Points

You got split into two by a bandit elf! Crap!

Start 5 Points

Start the game... press the play button.

Gobblo Dagger Kill 10 Points

Kill the Gobblo with the Battle Dagger!

Goober 10 Points

You found the Goober action figurine!

Controller 25 Points

You found the video game controller!

Knife 25 Points

You found the knife!

Shrunken Head 25 Points

You found the magical shrunken head!

Help the Hero!

Medals Earned: 3/10 (15/115 points)

LEVEL1 5 Points

Beat Level1

LEVEL2 5 Points

Beat LEvel 2

LEVEL3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

Madness Ambulation

Medals Earned: 2/6 (15/215 points)

Daily Driver 5 Points

Clobber a civilian, and feel good about doing it.

Truckstopper 10 Points

Send an Armored Truck off the deep end.

Madness Retaliation

Medals Earned: 4/10 (20/175 points)

Progression 5 Points

Unlock your first door or elevator

Redemption 5 Points

Slay the Savior

Renovation 5 Points

Turn a wall into a door

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Pico Radio

Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/90 points)

This is a TEST! 5 Points


Pico's School DX

Medals Earned: 3/11 (60/370 points)

Brutal 10 Points

You probably poke dead animals with sticks, too.

Overkill 25 Points

When winning just isn't enough...

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Portal Defenders

Medals Earned: 3/23 (15/540 points)

Big Fuzzy Hug 5 Points

Defeat BigFuzzyKitten.

First Blood 5 Points

Hit your first enemy.

Jump-Man 5 Points

Press the jump button to take flight!.

Spike - A Love Story

Medals Earned: 4/14 (20/290 points)

Beyond Words 5 Points

Cut Off a Conversation

Centerpieces 5 Points

A Nice Center Smash

Easy Fiver 5 Points

Five Love Taps

Just Barely 5 Points

Far Right Smoosh

The Interview Codex

Medals Earned: 1/25 (5/140 points)

Knowledge Peeker 5 Points

Visit the codex for the first time.